Who We Are

Hope Clinic of McKinney is a faith-based non-profit where we look to share the love of Christ by providing hope and healing for the whole person. Our vision is to become the full time medical home for over 1,000 uninsured residents in our county. We strive to create a space where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and love while delivering high quality medical, wellness and spiritual care.

Hope Clinic of McKinney saw its first patient in 2017, the fulfillment of a plan that began in 2014 with the recognition of the unmet need for quality care for the uninsured in our community. 12% of McKinney residents are without medical insurance. In East McKinney where Hope Clinic is located, the need is even higher. In June 2016, a team of volunteers and partners formed to bring our mission of Hope and Healing in McKinney to life. Hope Clinic of Garland, a well-established charitable clinic in Dallas County, welcomed the team into their facility and provided much-needed encouragement and knowledge. We partnered with the Baptist Immigration Center, who generously offered to donate the use of their building to Hope Clinic to use when they were closed. And Empowering Community Health Outreach donated their consulting services to provide vital direction and infrastructure to clinic planning. 

Through the hard work of its volunteers, and with the support of the community, Hope Clinic began operations one day a week at the Baptist Immigration Center in July 2017 to provide medical services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. By 2018, clinic operations expanded to 2 days. And in September 2019, Hope Clinic relocated to our current location which is a dedicated permanent clinic space on E. Lamar.  Our new home allows for increased operating hours and more patients. Our vision is to expand operations over the next few years to be able to see medical and counseling patients 5 days a week.

Over 100 volunteers from all across the community have worked together to serve our uninsured neighbors at the Hope Clinic of McKinney. And we have grown to serve hundreds of patients and provide thousands of appointments to patients who otherwise would have gone without care or gone to an emergency room for basic medical care. 

We need people like you to serve those who need it most.

What We Do

Hope Clinic provides health care services and resources to low-income, uninsured Collin County residents.
Hope clinic does not charge a fee for its services. We ask that patients participate in their care by making a donation to help cover the costs of another patient who utilizes Hope Clinic. However, no patient will ever be denied services based on their inability to donate.

Services We Offer

  • Primary Care

  • Women's Health

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Counseling

  • Optometry

  • Pain Management

  • Chiropractic Service

  • Prescription Assistance

Why We Need Your Support

Hope Clinic of McKinney does not receive federal or state funds, but rather relies on the generous donations of individuals, churches, corporations and foundations.   We are committed to being an excellent steward of public trust and community resources. Our financials have been audited every other year since inception – showing 79% of expenses go directly to programming, 16% to administrative expenses and 5% to fundraising expenses, as reflected in our most recent 990.   The investment our supporters make in Hope Clinic not only helps us share the love of Christ, but keeps our services free to our patients.   Donations also help us offer free or low-cost prescriptions and labs, as well as cover our general operating costs, which helps decrease appointment wait times.  For more reasons to give, please visit our donate page.